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From Marshall Roch <>
Subject Re: multiple skin descriptors, skin versions
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 00:50:07 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> But we don't know still if they are compatible. Hence my subsequent 
> proposal that instead of f0.5 we use the *skin contract* version, that 
> is separate from the Forrest version. We should change it when the skins 
> have to change.
>   hence: skinname-0.2.jar where 0.2 is the *skin contract* version

So if I am not mistaken, we have four different proposals on the table 

1) Skin version based on Forrest version
2) Skin version based on revision of skin
3) Skin version based on Forrest version and revision of skin
4) Skin version based on skin contract

Both 2 and 4 have the same problem in that they need to keep track of 
which version of Forrest they are compatible with.  #1 doesn't allow 
updates to the skin without a release of Forrest, so that's a Bad 
Thing(tm).  I like 3 if used in the ">=" sense as already proposed by 
Dave.  It provides a little more detail for the user so they know that 
the skin has been revised, while still also telling the user what 
versions of Forrest the skin works with.  Also, if an updated skin makes 
a change you don't like, you can revert to an older version since the 
filenames are different.

Marshall Roch

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