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From Paul Smith <>
Subject Re: How do I proceed (WAS Re: Forrest and Mathematics)
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2004 18:50:43 GMT
 --- Daniel Smith <> wrote: > Hi Paul.
> I saw this guy recently on the svg-dev list. I don't know if this is
> the 
> kind of thing you're looking for, but if you have the Adobe ASV
> installed 
> and watch them for a little while, they're pretty neat. Math in
> animation!

This is truly excellent stuff, but as you say, wasn't quite what I was
looking for - Right now I'm looking for simple static sets of equations
(matrices and so in included) that I can type up lecture notes into.

However, I'll certainly keep an ear open for more development on the
SVG front in animated mathematics, that was a truly excellent set of
animations!  I'm thinking about starting a company in the UK to create
educational resources and games (after I've finished my PhD of course)
- it looks like SVG is going to be part of that!

Thanks again for the links.

Paul Smith
Postgraduate Student
Department of Mathematics
School of Engineering, Computer Science,
                            and Mathematics
University of Exeter
(Laver building room C96, Tel X3990)

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