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From Paul Smith <>
Subject Re: Forrest and Mathematics
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 15:35:44 GMT
 --- Ross Gardler <> wrote: > Paul Smith wrote:
> > If I wanted to create a mathematical website, basically containing
> > lecture notes from a series of lectures, what can Forrest do far me
> > regarding the rendering of equations?
> OK, the representation of matehmatical formulae is not something I
> have 
> ever worked with. But it is a problem we here, at the University of
> the 
> West Indies, will shortly be facing at some point in the future. So
> lets 
> work something out...
> I would suggest the thing to do would be to use MathML as the source 
> format (embedded in whatever markup language you are using for
> source). 
> During conversion to the intermediate format (currently document1.2 
> eventually XHTML2) the MathML could be converted to SVG and embedded
> as 
> an image. Forrest will then display the SVG as a graphic.
> Am I on the right track here?

Sounds fine to me.  Conversion to SVG -> display as a graphic will suit
my needs perfectly.  However, I should probably mention that some
browsers (Well, Mozilla) are capable of displaying MathML directly, to
the conversion to graphics isn't 100% necessary.

However, I believe browser support for MathML is pretty limited in
general, so generating graphics is probably the right way to go.

> Ross

Paul Smith
Postgraduate Student
Department of Mathematics
School of Engineering, Computer Science,
                            and Mathematics
University of Exeter
(Laver building room C96, Tel X3990)

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