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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-forrest/scratchpad/forrestbot2/webapp/images dir.gif file.gif
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 01:40:40 GMT
Quoting Nicola Ken Barozzi <>:

> Dave Brondsema wrote:
> > Quoting Nicola Ken Barozzi <>:
> ...
> >>Just one note: do we really want to have a dependency on Maven, since we 
> >>already use Ant?
> >>
> > Maven makes it really easy to build projects because it has targets for
> war:war,
> > war:webapp, clean, dist, compile, and many others built-in.  It also will
> > download dependencies automatically, which means we don't have to keep a
> /lib
> > directory in CVS.
> They are not much to put in an Ant buildfile. I don't think we should 
> use yet another build system just because it's a bit convenient to have 
> a couple of targets that are trivial to do in Ant anyway.

For me it is very much easier to use maven, especially since it inforces good 
common practices for directory structure and the like.  Maven was designed to 
replace ant where similar build procedures were common.

Also, this webapp will be used by few people and built by even less, so I don't 
think it's that big of an issue.  If you want to write an ant build file after 
the webapp stabalizes a bit, I'll start using that instead of maven.  However 
I'd prefer not to.

Dave Brondsema - personal - programming - student org 

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