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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject problems with relaxng & dtds
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 01:36:51 GMT

I was working on moving creating a seperate DTD file for skinconfig.  I did 
that and set up the skinconf.xml files to use it.  However, forrest's build 
and 'forrest site' had some problems:

1) <jing> is used to validate skinconfig files agains the .rnc file we have for 
it.  When I added the DTD declaration at the top, it attempted to download the 
file (i'm behind a proxy and the files not there, and most importantly we don't 
want it to do that anyway).  So I changed it to use <xmlvalidate> with an 
<xmlcatalog> and it worked fine.  So here's the real question: why have relaxng 
schemas at all?  Most editors use DTDs (some support schema now) and I don't 
know of any that support relaxng.  So we want DTDs as a form of unique 
identification and versioning; and because editors support them better than 
other validation formats.  So what are the advantages of having either just 
relaxng or both relaxng and DTDs.

2) <xmlproperty> is used to load the skinconfig file.  When I added the DTD 
declaration to the skinconfig file, it attempted to download the DTD file.  
Again, not good.  Turning validation off made no difference.  And the 
<xmlproperty> task does not support an <xmlcatalog> subelement.  I filed an 
enhancement request (  
I made some code changes to <xmlpropety> so that it supports <xmlcatalog>, but

it didn't seem to use the catalog.  Any ideas?

Dave Brondsema - personal - programming - student org 

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