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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: How to perform RelaxNG validation in forrest
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 03:59:26 GMT
Peter Meggitt wrote:
> I am using relaxng schemas and wish to perform xml validation.
<snip for bevity/>
> However this gets tedious when a large number of relaxng schemas are used,
> as constantly needs to be updated.
> Does anyone know of an ant task or other mechanism that can be used to
> validate xml files against relaxng schemas, where the schema used is either
> determined from a processing instruction or somehow looked up?

Yes there is an ant task for Jing - that is what we are using
in the forrest main build file and in the project build.

There are many aspects to the issues that you raise.
I just goolged for an answer and found this:
Would those interested please investigate that and report back.
I will try too but i don't promise anything.
Determining which relaxng grammar to apply is something that
Forrest should be able to help with. At the moment we are only
doing validation at Ant build time, so "forrest" is not used.

It would be great if Cocoon/Forrest would optionally do
validation at run-time. That way, when we are doing the local
webapp with 'forrest run' and editing and then immediately
viewing results, we could be doing various relaxng validations
and content verifications. Similarly when using 'forrest'.

More importantly, we would be using the "sitemap" to associate
the grammars, rather than the hack of specifying that inside
each xml instance document.

People more knowledgeable with Cocoon might help. Does it
mean that we need a special type of Cocoon Transformer?


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