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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Re: Plugin Use cases]
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2004 17:04:22 GMT
Quoting Johan Kok <>:

> Ross wrote:
> > My source documents are not always in a "usefull" format, for example, 
> > java code. I think this is a similar use case to creating, for 
> > example, the JavaDoc code from a java source file. What would happen 
> > is that some component would extract the key information from the Java 
> > code (marked up with comments). 

There is a text2document.xsl which you can use for plaintext files, like java
source code.

> Most source documents I have has to be converted from another source, 
> that is where the Openoffice douments integration may be useful, I have 
> not ventured in that yet, but providing samples of these (and other 
> uses, e.g. chaperone) on the "sample" seeded templates would be 
> extremely useful, especially for those starting out with forrest.
> Maybe we should split this from Forrest and create a whole sub-project 
> (even under cocoon) to develop a set of conversion utilities for various 
> document formats to XML.  Define standard XML format for such, starting 
> with the available document-v12.
> A set of documents for conversion to XML ( i.e. ???->XML) should include 
> at least the following:
>     1. MS Office
>            Word/rtf, excell/.csv, powerpoint (incl mail,
>     netmeeting/calnedar, vcards, openlook, visio....

Incomplete, but it does already have a cocoon serializer for HSSF (excel)

>     2. Open Office
>         Similar to MS Office

There isn't an example in seed, but oowriter.html is generated from oowriter.sxw

>     3. Drawing/picture/animation packages (and formats) including:
>     Corel, Adobe, Flash etc

Won't most of these simply be embedded images or objects and need no transformation?

> >
> > My requriements go further in that I need to be able to create a 
> > dynamic version of the site too (interactive tutorials for example). 
> > So, in most cases, I am wanting to put functionality into the version 
> > of Cocoon shipped with Forrest. Some of this will massively increase 
> > the size of a Forrest distribution and isn't applicable to most 
> > (current) Forrest uses. Therefore, it really needs to be separate from 
> > the core of Forrest.

Would XSP be powerful enough?  If so, see  Unfortunately running forrest as a
webapp is pretty slow.

> How about the ability to switch between forrest and cocoon, keeping the 
> Forrest skin and navigation 'schema' in doing so. Another nice feature 
> in this case would be to be able to 'frame' a raw/html document within 
> the Forrest skin.

Look at the seed's ihtml and ehtml files.  ehtml allows more HTML elements, but
skips some transformations, so only html output is available.  I wouldn't be
surprised if this dissappeared in the future.

Also, with enough CSS skill, you can use create a skin that will work well for
forrest and non-forrest documents.  Of course you won't automatically get the
forrest navigation menus, though.

Dave Brondsema - personal - programming - student org 

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