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From "Peter Meggitt" <>
Subject XPath expressions
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 18:31:09 GMT
I am to create an XML transformation that allows XML attributes and elements
to include (with some suitable delimiter) XPath expressions. For example
below, the expression {../@id} would get replaced by the evaluation of the
XPath expression ../@id. So:

<tournament id="Big">
  <desc>A big tournament</desc>
  <tournament id="{../@id}.day1"/>
  <tournament id="{../@id}.day2"/>

would get transformed to:

<tournament id="Big">
  <desc>A big tournament</desc>
  <tournament id="Big.day1"/>
  <tournament id="Big.day2"/>

Does anyone know of an XSLT transformation or other XML spec that would
allow the evaluation of (XPath) expressions during the transformation

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