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From (Justus H. Piater)
Subject Re: [NOTE] Skin status update
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2004 12:17:30 GMT
Johan Kok <> wrote on Fri, 09 Jan 2004
11:52:19 +0200:

>    Just use SVG instead to get the autmatic sizing of the corners.
>    There's  cases  where  I  would like to use an image, e.g. a watermark
>    logo  (even  possibly  using  SVG) ... Just came across a site where I
>    would  like to do such, but has not ventured there yet. - Have an idea
>    to try and use SVG.

That would be beautiful, but SVG is unfortunately very poorly
supported by current browsers, and not at all by most.

Or do you mean server-side SVG inside a Cocoon pipeline?

BTW, can you recommend a good SVG-capable browser for Linux? I've
never gotten an SVG-enabled Mozilla to handle SVG text.

Konqueror 3.2 perhaps?


Justus H. Piater, Ph.D.
Institut Montefiore, B28        Phone: +32-4-366-2279
Université de Liège, Belgium    Fax:   +32-4-366-2620

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