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From BURGHARD Eric <>
Subject Re: SAXException: Attempt to output character that is not represented in specified output encoding
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 02:29:31 GMT
Hi everybody (quite a long time since my last post so this list. happy new
year ;-)

I've got the same error. Here is the state of my knowledge about this issue
(which is not resolved entirely yet ;-)

I suspect the problem is comming from a cocoon component linked with a wrong
version of endorsed jars, because i already encountered this behavior when
i put new version of theses jars into lib/endorsed with an old version of
forrest. Copying back the old files fix the problem. Now i don't realy know
where it comes from.

I just know that the problem arise from the **menulinks-* pipeline during
the generation of the side menu. More specificaly at the <map:transform
src="{forrest:stylesheets}/site2site-normalizetabs.xsl" /> stage in
menus.xmap. This is why the bug didn't impact pdf generation which had no
menu at all.

You can fix it by removing all accentued car from id attributes of your
tabs.xml and thus from tab attributes of your site.xml. It seems that the
xsl transformer can't deal with accentued car in tab attribute content on
the forrest cvs version.

Hope it helps.


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