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From Marshall Roch <>
Subject Re: multiple skin descriptors, skin versions
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 22:07:06 GMT
Dave Brondsema wrote:
> This makes sense to me.  So the skin fetching target should get the highest
> version compatible with the user's version of forrest.  So we would need to
> track what version(s) of forrest a given skin version is compatible with.  For
> example, skinabc 1.3 is the latest version compatible with 0.5, but there is
> already a skinabc 2.0 which is compatible with 0.6-dev.  0.5 users shouldn't get
> 2.0 but 0.6-dev users should.


> Should the standard skins that come with forrest be available seperately?  Use
> case: we release forrest 0.6 and it comes with all the standard skins.  But
> afterwards there are some fixes to forrest-site that we want to make available
> to the public.  0.6 users could use the install-skin target to get the latest
> forrest-site skin and we don't have to make a 0.6.1 release of forrest.

I would say yes.  The default skin should come by default so Forrest 
works out of the box, and then the default skins should be upgradable 
just like any other skin.  I think it's a bad idea to treat it 
differently, since things are more likely to get changed in one place 
but not another.

In PEAR, there are some "foundation" packages, which are required for 
PEAR itself to work.  Even though those packages are maintained 
independently of PEAR releases, each PEAR release comes with the newest 
versions of each of those packages at the time of release.  You can 
upgrade those packages or install new packages very easily:

# pear upgrade XML_RPC (upgrades the XML_RPC package, a foundation pkg)
# pear install Mail_Mime (installs a new package)
# pear upgrade-all (downloads and installs all available upgrades)

Maybe it would be possible to use XML-RPC to send the version of Forrest 
and the installed skins, and the server could respond with a list of 
just the appropriate files  (the current setup would mean that a list of 
  every version of every skin would have to be downloaded every time, 
right?).  Then Forrest could pull down only the zip files it needs.

>>>Speaking of which, the forrest version in is 0.5
>>>but the description says 0.6-dev.  Shouldn't the version be 0.6-dev?
>>>Would this adversely affect version specific .xmap and .xconf files?
>>This is adversely affecting skins made for 0.6.  When I ran
>>"package-skin" on xhtml-css, the filename was or
>>something like that, even though it (apparently) doesn't work with 0.5.
> Right.  Should it be 0.6 or 0.6-dev though?

I would say 0.6-dev, since skins released now may not work when 0.6 
final comes out.  Not sure if that would cause any other issues, though.

Marshall Roch

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