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From Autumn Cuellar <>
Subject DocBook documentation format - Generator error
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 21:48:00 GMT

Perhaps this should go to the Cocoon group, but you probably have lots 
of experience in this area as well.

Background: I've chosen DocBook as my documentation format for my 
Forrest-generated website. I want to be able to transform the DocBook, 
which I store in files with a 'dbxml' extension, to PDF and body-*.html 
(using the IdGenerator transformer and Link ReWriter included in 
Forrest) without converting the DocBook to doc-v12 xml.

Right now my main problem is this one chunk of the sitemap.xmap code, 
which I've just copied from the part that checks for ehtml files:

1  <map:match pattern="**body-*.html">
2    <map:select type="exists">
3      <map:when test="content/xdocs/{1}{2}.dbxml">
4        <map:generate src="content/xdocs/{1}{2}.dbxml" />
5        <map:transform type="dbidgen" />
6        <map:transform type="xinclude" />
7        <map:transform type="dblinkrewriter" 
8        <map:transform src="docbook/html/docbook-forrest.xsl" />
9      </map:when>
10   </map:select>
11 </map:match>

If I leave line 4 in, I get this BROKEN error:"Generator already set. 
You can only select one Generator (file)".
If I comment it out, I get this BROKEN error:"You must set a generator 
first before you can use a transformer."

The second error I understand, the first I do not. I did already read 
the Cocoon user documentation to try to solve my problem, not that it 
made much sense. Anyway, the whole file's attached if it offers more 


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