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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] add DTDs to Apache website
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 11:42:10 GMT

I think that the idea is this one:

                Intermediate	  output

document|faq|howto -----> xhtml -----> html|pdf|wml|xhtml 1.0
xhtml ------------------> xhtml -----> html|pdf|wml|xhtml 1.0

Please correct me if I am wrong...

Paul Smith wrote:
>>>Also, once we switch to XHTML2, will we be able to use the W3C's
>>Well, i am not sure what Forrest's plan is for XHTML2.
>>I read on this list that we are not going to offer everything
>>that XHTML2 allows. So maybe we still need "Forrest DTDs".
> If I've been reading the whole XHTML discussion properly, XHTML is only
> going to be used an an intermediate format.  Thus, it will still be
> possible, (and if possible I will be doing so) to write documents
> according to the (document|faq|howto)-v??.dtd, have Forrest transform
> that into XHTML, and then into whatever output (PDF, various skins
> etc.)
> If that is the case, I'll still be needing to edit files with the
> document-v12.dtd, so I still need to know how to add that to my
> system's catalog.

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