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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Multiple tab.xml files
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 01:17:22 GMT

Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> Ross,
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> I have made this work in my skin. You can see a demo at 
>> The home page has only a single 
>> level of tabs, clicking on the "IB661 - MIS" tab will give you a 
>> second level of tabs 
>> (
>> Shall I take the time to put this into the other skins? It could 
>> probably do with a little work on the display side of things but the 
>> basic functionality is there and it looks reasonable.
>> NB it *is* backward compatible, so there is no-one is forced to use it.
>> Ross
> I have not been able to see this, but could you explain a bit, what is 
> the diferent for a tab and a horizontal menu?

OK something seems to have gone wrong with the demo. I'll have to check 
this out as it seems to be a problem with the webapp running under jetty 
- but no time now. Anyway, it is now included in CVS head so you can 
look at it if you have cvs head.

In short the second level of tabs is kind of like a horizontal menu. 
When you select a tab all the second level tabs related to that tab are 
displayed. So:

<tab label="A" dir="...">
   <tab label="1" dir="..">
   <tab label="2" dir="..">
   <tab label="3" dir="..">

<tab label="B" dir="...">
   <tab label="4" dir="..">
   <tab label="5" dir="..">
   <tab label="6" dir="..">

Will display something like:

*A*     |     B
*1*   |    2    |    3

When tab A is selected and you are at page/tab 1.

Since the tab file now starts to look like a site.xml file it has been 
suggested that we no longer need the tabs.xml file and it can be 
generated from the tab.xml file instead. A discussion regarding this has 
just begun in the thread "Re: tabs.xml into site.xml"


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