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From Sten Aksel Heien <>
Subject Re: [NOTE] Skin status update
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 12:08:54 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> I'd like to share with this list the point on skins and see if there 
> are comments or nays.
> As soon as I feel that the krysalis-site skin is up to snuff I will 
> replace the forrest-site skin with it, of course using the usual 
> Forrest colors.

Good !

> Complete status of our current skins:
> * forrest-site
> Quite old and does not use much CSS. To be replaced in the near term 
> by krysalis-site with the usual forrest color scheme.
> *forrest-css
> Unfortunately this skin seems broken. Well, it works, but not as 
> advertised. Hence it will as a reference for a complete CSS-styled 
> skin till the new forrest site gets there.
> *krysalis-site
> To become the forrest-site skin, as it comes from forrest-site and has 
> enhancements and many more styles in CSS.
> It still uses tables for layout though.


> I will be replacing parts of it with CSS-only layouts, first in the 
> rounded corners, then inside the sections, and finally also for the 
> main layout.
> When this transformation is complete, the forrest-css skin can be 
> removed. 

> *whs
> New skin with a very clean look. Still to be committed but very 
> promising.

I agree ! This skin should perhaps be used as basis for a new xhtml skin 
(which I would like very much)?

- Sten Aksel Heien

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