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From Paul Smith <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] add DTDs to Apache website
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 10:55:24 GMT
 --- David Crossley <> wrote: > The problem
> -----------
> It seems that some tools still do not use a Catalog Entity Resolver
> [1]
> to locate local copies of DTDs. Hence these tools break, because
> there
> are not actual DTDs on the website. This is limiting the uptake of
> the Apache Document DTDs and drawing lots of user questions.
> Some background
> ---------------
> Forrest and Cocoon both use the Catalog Entity Resolver and this
> works
> fine in all situations (command-line, webapp). Any sensible XML tool
> can utilise the xml-commons-resolver.jar, and the Catalog supplied by
> Forrest. Some other tools either don't bother to use it or the user
> has not bothered to configure it.

<snip what="Where to go from here" />

There alwasy the possibility that users aren't using a Java tool for
XML editing, and so can't use the .jar for editing.  For instance, on
my Fedora Core 1 system, there is a /etc/xml/catalog file which is used
by default by most non-java XML editors.

Instructions on how to add the catalog supplied by Forrest to this
system-wide catalog would be most welcome - the catalog comes as-is
setup for Docbook, Scrollkeeper and XHTML.  If users had instructions
on how to set up this catalog properly, that migt prevent some of the

Just an option to save your bandwidth :)

Paul Smith
Postgraduate Student
Department of Mathematics
School of Engineering, Computer Science,
                            and Mathematics
University of Exeter

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