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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Random woes...
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 18:52:58 GMT
Can anybody  help me figure out these? I use forrest (lots) I just don't
know it's internal workings (I didn't create the skins, or tweak the
config). I am a dumb user [not proud, just a fact], and if at all possible
I'd like to remain that way (just learn the XDOCs layout, and let forrest be
smarter than me.) Maybe I can't though, 'cos these just got me when I ran a
relatively recent CVS HEAD version against some xdocs/config that I've not
changed in ages:

1) Why are these breadcrumbs bogus? [Do other folks see what I see?]

2) The 'every menu site.xml knows of' at :

3) Why does FAQ have a PDF, but the others don't?

BTW: Can one somehow insert the version of forrest used in a site, to help
w/ debug? I maintain a bunch of forrest installs in various places and they
came from CVS at various times.

P.S. What is the state of forrestbot on Apache for Apache projects? The
'old' bot had a forrest that was too old for Gump's pages. Is the new bot
available to the community as a service?


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