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From "Florian Haas" <>
Subject Re: SAXException: Attempt to output character that is not represented in specified output encoding
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 11:05:37 GMT
Hello Johan,

> The same problem occurs if you have accentuated characters within the 
> XML documents. Also check for a dash, as I picked up problems even with 
> that.

OK, (temporarily) fixed. I misunterstood Eric's post and thought he was
referring to only to unescaped non-ASCII characters in site.xml. But apparently
the problem is also caused by Unicode escapes, such as &#196;. Bummer.

I rewrote my site.xml to not include any non-ASCII characters, the exception
is gone, and I can continue working. Still, the situation IMHO is very much
sub-optimal -- I suppose I'm not the only person out there who would prefer
to use the full character set available in his own native language. :-)

I'm still wondering, does this constitute a Forrest issue, or is this a
Cocoon bug?

Thanks again to you and Eric for your help.


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