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From "Florian Haas" <>
Subject Re: SAXException: Attempt to output character that is not represented in specified output encoding
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 14:04:43 GMT
Hi again.

> Try so see if it's a problem from the side menu generation or from the
> content generation: try
> 1- body-your_buggy_page.html (This one should display. I've got no problem
> with xml document content)

Yes. This works.

> 2- book-your_buggy_page.html (fail for me if tab and id attributes are
> accentued)

This one fails for me.

> 2b menulinks-your_buggy_page (idem)

This one works for me, interestingly.

In addition, I've found out in the meantime that I can use non-ASCII
characters anywhere but in a "description" attribute. That is to say if I have an
element with label="Übersicht", it works, but if I add description="Übersicht"
to the same element, I get the original error again. 



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