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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] add DTDs to Apache website
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 05:42:51 GMT
Marshall Roch wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > The solution
> > ------------
> > Place the document-v* DTDs and supporting files on the Forrest website
> > and keep them up-to-date with Forrest CVS.
> Seems like an awfully lot of work for a very small gain.

:-) That is probably why we have left it for so long.

Actually the "effort" is really only caused by needing to
manage everything via CVS and needing to automate updates.
The former is a *must*, the latter we can find a workaround.

> You've convinced me that it's not worth the effort to get
> the DTDs online. See below.

It is worth the effort. We get way too many questions from users.

> > Add an HTML page to explain that there are better solutions and that
> > this is only a fall-back solution.
> You mention that most XML tools can use the catalog resolver.  I assume 
> those are just Java tools like Eclipse and JEdit, and that other XML 
> tools have their own built-in catalog resolvers.

That is correct. Non-Java tools such as "Open SP" (onsgmls)
and "xmlvalid" and "XMetaL", have their own catalog resolvers.
All Java tools should be able to use xml-commons-resolver.

> If this is the case, putting up documentation about how to configure the 
> most common editors to work with Forrest would be all that's needed to 
> make me happy.  The only reason it's a problem for me is because I don't 
> know how to set up the catalog resolver in Eclipse.

Yes, i thought about that. However it is not really Forrest's job.
We could document it at Apache XML Commons. Anyway, i agree we need
something. I will set up a doc somewhere and ask people for their
config tips.

> Also, once we switch to XHTML2, will we be able to use the W3C's URI?

Well, i am not sure what Forrest's plan is for XHTML2.
I read on this list that we are not going to offer everything
that XHTML2 allows. So maybe we still need "Forrest DTDs".


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