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From "Howard M. Lewis Ship" <>
Subject Problem generating FAQ
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 19:20:10 GMT
I'm converting Tapestry over to using Forrest for documentation (starting with a patch by Tetsuya

I'm slogging away, getting things about right. I got latest from xml-forrest CVS and built
with no

My big stumbling block right now is my FAQ:

c:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry>ant site
Buildfile: build.xml




     [java] Buildfile: C:\workspace\xml-forrest\build\dist\shbat\

     [java] init-props:
     [java] Loading project specific properties from
     [java] Loading user specific properties from C:\Documents and
     [java] Loading default properties from
     [java] Reading filters from C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\tmp\

  . . . 

     [java] -prepare-classpath:

     [java] site:
     [java] Deleting directory C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\tmp\cocoon-work
     [java] Created dir: C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\tmp\cocoon-work
     [java] Warning: C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\webapp\resources not found.
     [java] Warning: C:\workspace\xml-forrest\build\dist\shbat\context\skins\jakarta-site\images
     [java] Copying 17 files to C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\site\skin\images
     [java] Copying 45 files to C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\site\skin\images
     [java] Warning: C:\workspace\xml-forrest\build\dist\shbat\context\skins\jakarta-site
not found.
     [java] Copying 5 files to C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\site\skin
     [java] Copying 4 files to C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\site\skin

     [java] Static site will be generated at:
     [java] C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\site

     [java] Note that there are various reasons for "build failed" messages.
     [java] * Cocoon will report the status of each document:
     [java]   - in column 1: *=okay X=brokenLink ^=pageSkipped (see FAQ).
     [java] * Even if only one link is broken, you will still get "failed".
     [java] * Your site would still be generated, but some pages would be broken.
     [java] * Please check the file:
     [java] C:\workspace\jakarta-tapestry\build\brokenlinks.xml
     [java] for any broken links in the generated site.
     [java] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
     [java] cocoon 2.1.2-dev
     [java] Copyright (c) 1999-2003 Apache Software Foundation. All rights reserved.
     [java] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

     [java] * [21/0]     3.635s 9.9Kb   index.html
     [java] * [0/0]      0.09s  4.5Kb   images/Tapestry-Banner.png
     [java] * [0/0]      0.02s  16.7Kb  images/jakarta.png
     [java] * [0/0]      0.01s  457b    skin/images/pdfdoc.gif
     [java] * [20/0]     0.491s 7.3Kb   changes.html
     [java] * [0/0]      4.446s 73.2Kb  site.pdf
     [java] * [0/0]      0.01s  22.3Kb  images/tapestry-in-action.png
     [java] * [0/0]      0.05s  997b    skin/site.css
     [java] * [0/0]      0.16s  8.6Kb   index.pdf
     [java] * [19/0]     0.341s 20.4Kb  quotes.html
     [java] * [0/0]      0.01s  17.8Kb  images/success/edit-form.gif
     [java] * [18/0]     0.531s 21.0Kb  new.html
     [java] * [18/0]     0.721s 27.4Kb  more_new.html
     [java] * [0/0]      0.48s  40.6Kb  more_new.pdf
     [java] * [0/0]      0.441s 23.5Kb  new.pdf
     [java] * [0/0]      0.561s 23.0Kb  quotes.pdf
     [java] * [0/0]      0.01s  837b    skin/mysite.css
     [java] * [17/0]     0.21s  8.5Kb   todo.html
     [java] * [0/0]      0.11s  3.8Kb   todo.pdf
     [java] X [0]                       faq.html        BROKEN:
(The system ca
nnot find the path specified)
     [java] * [0/0]      0.02s  932b    images/fix.jpg
     [java] * [0/0]      0.02s  21.0Kb  images/success/status-table.gif
     [java] * [0/0]      0.08s  2.3Kb   changes.rss
     [java] * [17/0]     0.451s 7.5Kb   dev.html
     [java] * [0/0]      0.07s  5.8Kb   dev.pdf
     [java] ^ Tutorial/Tutorial.pdf
     [java] ^ DevelopersGuide/DevelopersGuide.pdf
     [java] ^ TapestryUsersGuide/TapestryUsersGuide.pdf
     [java] ^ ContributorsGuide/ContributorsGuide.pdf
     [java] * [26/0]     0.881s 51.1Kb  site.html
     [java] * [0/0]      0.12s  246b    skin/print.css
     [java] ^ Tutorial/Tutorial.html
     [java] ^ Tutorial/Tutorial.pdf
     [java] ^ DevelopersGuide/DevelopersGuide.html
     [java] ^ DevelopersGuide/DevelopersGuide.pdf
     [java] ^ TapestryUsersGuide/TapestryUsersGuide.html
     [java] ^ TapestryUsersGuide/TapestryUsersGuide.pdf
     [java] ^ ContributorsGuide/ContributorsGuide.html
     [java] ^ ContributorsGuide/ContributorsGuide.pdf
     [java] * [25/0]     0.22s  8.4Kb   doc.html
     [java] * [0/0]      0.111s 8.9Kb   doc.pdf
     [java] * [0/0]      0.01s  1.8Kb   images/built-with-forrest-button.png
     [java] * [0/0]      0.09s  2.9Kb   changes.pdf
     [java] * [0/0]      0.02s  360b    images/rss.png
     [java] * [0/0]      0.01s  8.5Kb   skin/tigris.css
     [java] * [0/0]      0.04s  766b    favicon.ico
     [java] Total time: 0 minutes 16 seconds

     [java] BUILD FAILED
     [java] C:\workspace\xml-forrest\build\dist\shbat\ Java returned:

     [java] Total time: 20 seconds

file:C:/workspace/xml-forrest/build/dist/shbat/forrest.antproxy.xml:45: Java returned: 1

Total time: 22 seconds

Don't get this, my FAQ is based on the Forrest FAQ:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- $Id$ -->
<!DOCTYPE faqs PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD FAQ V1.2//EN" "dtd/faq-v12.dtd">

<faqs title="Jakarta Tapestry - FAQs">
. . .

It's named "faq.xml".  Does it need a special name? The faq.xmap file seems to indicate that

I've googled and searched the archives and don't see an answer to this.


Howard M. Lewis Ship
Independent J2EE / Open-Source Java Consultant
Creator, Tapestry: Java Web Components

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