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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Expanding and collapsing submenus
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 18:53:54 GMT
On Jan 8, 2004, at 10:30 AM, Justus H. Piater wrote:
> This is like Forrest's default configuration, except that the latter
> always displays all subhierarchies. Naturally, to enter into a
> subhierarchy, the top-level heading should be a live link (that links
> to the same page as the first link of the subhierarchy).
> Shouldn't this be fairly easy to implement?
> Recently, someone mentioned expandable hierarchies using JavaScript -
> nice and useful, but there are also good reasons to avoid JavaScript.

My current requirement ("given" to me by the higher ups) is that our 
web site needs to work with the lowest common denominator. In fact, 
said owner has Javascript turned "off" on his system (due to his 
perceptions about security/virus), and he lets me know if things don't 
work correctly on his browser. I would prefer hierarchies expand using 
javascript. However, I can only use such hierarchical structures *only* 
if the content is still accessible without Javascript. Certain "simple" 
functionality (randomness, etc.) has been implemented on the 
server-side (in favor of client-side activity) because I have no 
guarantee Javascript is running on the client.

This is just one case, so obviously Forrest won't be written 
specifically *for* my case. However, I am hoping Forrest will have a 
default skins that degrades "nicely" on systems like Lynx, Accessible 
browsers, etc. By "nicely" I mean, will not generate an error, and 
ensures primary content is viewable. Not having tried to view 
<> on Lynx or an "accessible browser" 
yet, I can't say for certain whether or not it works well. I intend to 
take a look on a Lynx browser shortly.

Web Maestro Clay

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