Im not familiar with the latest wiki support.
But if I remember right, the Apache WIKI should be supported.
And I have seen that several wikis uses different notations ...
But Forrest uses the chaperon parser [1] for reading not-xml files (I think). That is based
on grammar files. So support for other wikis should be possible, if that file is modified.
Maybe in future Forrest can be configured which wiki format to use ...
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Sent: Monday, December 01, 2003 10:25 AM
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I've been experimenting a bit with Forrest support of Wiki files. I was wondering whether this support has already stabilized or not? For example, when I want to include the attached file in a Forrest site, I get an error like the one below.



net.sourceforge.chaperon.process.ProcessingException: Unexpected token titleitem

["!"], expected tokens: line source bulleteditem numbered1item numbered2item num

bered3item tabletitleitem link anchor text emitem strongitem codeopenitem : file

:/C:/test/woud/wiki/build/tmp/context/content/xdocs/wiki/WikiTemplates.cwiki: 1:


        at net.sourceforge.chaperon.adapter.sax.ParserProcessorAdapter.startElem




Same thing happens with other, simpler files. The idea is to have a JSPWiki site in order to allow easy content editing, and to have a Forrest site to do the rendering. Actually I did a manual check of the files i've been using and I didn't find any unsupported wiki tags... Anyone else done similar experiments with the JSPWiki-Forrest combination?


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