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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: Documentv20 --> XHTML
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2003 19:36:16 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> I've been trawling the list regarding the proposed move to XHTML. Here's 
> what I discovered:

As for Dave's question about what we use of XHTML2... yes, we won't do 
all XHTML2, at least in the beginning, but choose only some modules, and 
of those implement them all. What Ross has reposted from my comparison 
contains the modules we need to use.

> -----
> Changes requried:
> Nicola Ken listed the "equivalences" between XHTML2 and v1.1 (as it was 
> then) (see 
> for 
> the full thread):
> The subsequent discussion raised the following issues that didn't get 
> resolved, so I am rasing them again:

Thanks, appreciated :-)

> h is not equivalent to title
> ----------------------------
> (
> To summarise the discussion: it was suggested that we should consider 
> forcing h to be placed after section (as title currently is), it was 
> even suggested that this may happen in a later version of XHTML. Having 
> read the relevant secton of the XHTML recomendation this has not happend 
> I can say this has not happened. 
> However, since it is I who brought up the problem with h replacing title 
> I feel that I can now say that my issues (they related to numbering of 
> sections) can be dealt with with a few changes of the rendering 
> stylesheets.

In particular, what do you suggest we do? How would Forrest deal with:


What does it mean in XHTML2 to use the above (I still don't really get 
what it means for text1 to be before a heading)?

In any case, since the <h> is a superset of our <title>, it should be no 
problem to implement.

As for Dave's suggestion, IIUC the @title attribute has a different 
meaning (like the @alt one for images), so it would not work.

> No equivalent to the author attribute for fixme
> -----------------------------------------------
> (
> (wasn't discussed further)

<fixme author="rdg">Stop reading email so late on a Sunday night</fixme>


<p class="fixme">
  <span class="author">rdg</span>
  Stop reading email so late on a Sunday night


<p class="fixme,rdg">Stop reading email so late on a Sunday night</p>

> Structural evaluation
> ---------------------
> David Crossely said 
> (
> "It looks to me like it is not only simple mapping
> of tag names. Rather there are some structural changes
> that are not yet fully decided nor described via schema/DTD."
> This point was never adequately followed up but in the meantime the 
> XHTML schema has become much more stable. Is it time to have this 
> discussion? Or shall I just get on with it and see how it works out?
> I do have over 700 pages of PDF docs generated by Forrest. I suspect I 
> can give this whole thing a pretty good testing if you want me to just 
> experiment and then report.
> It'll take me a while though...

We are not in a big hurry for it, and it will simply take the time it needs.

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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