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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: wiki syntax support
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 09:56:51 GMT
Le Lundi, 1 déc 2003, à 10:35 Europe/Zurich, Nicola Ken Barozzi a écrit 

> wrote:
>> ...Maybe in future Forrest can be configured which wiki format to use 
>> ...
> It can be done now.
> We have
>   .cwiki - JSPWiki format
> IMHO we should also have a couple more syntaxes:
> *.mwiki - MoinMoin (used in
> *.ewiki - Email Wiki (using the format that is used in email
>                       messages, like *strong*, _underlined_, etc)
> If someone wants to tackle it, I'll be happy to add it to Forrest.
> Suggestion: just change the cwiki grammar to the new format, and when 
> it's ok, send it here. I'll take care in doing the other changes 
> needed, like different extension supportl.

Small warning though: being based on a "traditional" parser grammar, 
the chaperon-based wiki stuff gives parsing errors if the input files 
do not respect the wiki grammar. This can be very confusing for 
non-technical document writers.

In the wiki world (AFAIK), the accepted behaviour in such cases is to 
process the page as well as possible. You won't get the format you 
meant but at least there's no confusing error message.

Stephan Michels once said he was working on more free-form grammars for 
Chaperon [1] but I don't know if this has happened.



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