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From Brian Enigma <>
Subject Generating Non-HTML File Extensions?
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 20:47:25 GMT
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     I have been through the online documentation and mailing list 
archives, but did not find an answer to this question (it was asked, 
but not answered, in September).  Basically, I have an existing site 
that I would like to scrap and redo using Forrest (generated offline 
and rsync'ed over SSH).  While the majority of the site is static, 
there is a page or two of PHP.  Now, I do not care whether the PHP is 
embedded in one of the xdocs/ files or done by hand.  I can deal with 
either method since it is a small number of files.

     What I would really prefer, though, is not to play musical file 
extensions.  For consistency (as well as for my own personal sense of 
aesthetics), I would like to generate the static content with a .php 
file extension.  Running static content through the PHP parser adds 
very little overhead, but also allows me to add PHP content to future 
versions of those static pages.  Users are going to have to change 
their existing links/bookmark into this site when I switch to Forrest 
because I want to clean up the directory structure.  I would rather not 
force them to do it again if I decide to add dynamic PHP content to a 
currently static page.

     Is it possible to change the generated extension from .html to 
.php?  If so, how?

Unanswered question about changing the generated file extension

Start of long conversation about embedding PHP in the XML
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