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Subject RE: Openoffice and document-v12
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:34:44 GMT
Without working with OO I appreciate the idea of using OO as a widely
used "Forrest-Editor" :-)

> The last days I wrote a stylesheet for openoffice2forrest 
> conversion in
> order to use it as XML-Filter in OpenOffice. Now I reached the point
> that I have to write the forrest2openoffice stylesheet in 
> order to have
> roundtrip-editing capabilities. 

Will you contribute your results (to OO/Forrest)?

> Against Openoffice as source format:
> ------------------------------------
>  - only editable within Openoffice

only if you donĀ“t want to open the "zip" and edit the xml file ...

>  - Openoffice files are binaries because they are zipped
>    and this is definitly a problem for e.g. CVS 
>    because no diffs are possible

Maybe the Common-VFS could help.

Because the content of that archive (just read about that) it should be
to write a diff tool:
- unzip the content
- make diff of each file
- zip the diffs

... just an idea

> Finally an RT on this:
> What about having a "pass-by"-XML-Filter in Openoffice that saves all
> required information in one XML file. This would make it easy to edit
> files with an XML-Editor and versioning systems like CVS can 
> make diffs
> again.

Having OO-files in the src-dir for Forrest-Generation has the disadvantage
not all skins can handle them.

But yesterday a thread started about seperating the layout (skin) and the
handling of 
custom content (no-name-yet, via conversion to forrest-documents).


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