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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Documentv20 --> XHTML
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2003 21:22:15 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:


>> h is not equivalent to title
>> ----------------------------
>> (
>> To summarise the discussion: it was suggested that we should consider 
>> forcing h to be placed after section (as title currently is), it was 
>> even suggested that this may happen in a later version of XHTML. 
>> Having read the relevant secton of the XHTML recomendation this has 
>> not happend I can say this has not happened. 

>> However, since it is I who brought up the problem with h replacing 
>> title I feel that I can now say that my issues (they related to 
>> numbering of sections) can be dealt with with a few changes of the 
>> rendering stylesheets.
> In particular, what do you suggest we do? How would Forrest deal with:
>  <section>
>    text1
>    <h>blah</h>
>    tex2
>    <h>blah2</h>
>    text3
>  </section>
> What does it mean in XHTML2 to use the above (I still don't really get 
> what it means for text1 to be before a heading)?

In XHTML the section element is used to indicate sections of text, 
whilst the h element is used to indicate headings within that section.
It is a little confusing since I have been working with our 
section/title for quite some time now and I am used to sections 
indicating the numbering depth.

I am currently thinking of text1 in the above example as being a 
preamble to the section. The argument in the working draft for being 
able to do this is that you may want to indicate a section of text by, 
for example, a border around the text, rather than by headings:

|  text 1                    |
|                            |
|  blah                      |
|  ----                      |
|  text 2                    |
|                            |
|  blah2                     |
|  -----                     |
|  text 3                    |
|                            |

> In any case, since the <h> is a superset of our <title>, it should be no

> problem to implement.

Yes, it makes little sense with our DTD, but we don't *have* to use it. 
Since we will keep the docuemnt DTD as a source format it shouldn't 
affect any of the existing sites.


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