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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Documentv20 --> XHTML
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2003 16:12:18 GMT
I've been trawling the list regarding the proposed move to XHTML. Here's 
what I discovered:

This has been brought up many times. Lots of resistence at first, but 
gradually people have been voting +1 for it. It seems to me that the 
only remaining concern is the incompatabilities between v1.x and v2.0. 
However, these are relatively minor and can be resolved by making v1.x a 
source format and converting to v2.0 dynamically. Of course, we could 
also provide a conversion script to convert the source files if projects 

Changes requried:

Nicola Ken listed the "equivalences" between XHTML2 and v1.1 (as it was 
then) (see for 
the full thread):

   |  XHTML2 WD2     |       current document11 DTD          |
   XHTML  Structure Module

      html              document
      head              header
      title             title
      body              body

   XHTML Text Module

      abbr              * (requested by users via dictionary links)
      acronym           * [included in v1.2 - RDG]
      address           * (requested by users)
      blockquote        *
      cite              *
      br  (deprecated)  br
      code              code
      dfn               * (requested by users via dictionary links)
      div               footer, legal  (requested by skinners)
      em                em
      h                 title
      kbd               * (needed, currently we misuse "code" instead)
      line              br
      p                 p
      |                 fixme   (with class attribute)
      |                 note    (with class attribute)
      |                 warning (with class attribute)
      pre               source
      quote             *
      samp              * (needed, currently we misuse "source" instead)
      section           section
      span              *  (requested by skinners)
      strong            strong
      var               * (needed, currently we misuse "code" instead)

    XHTML Hypertext Module

      a                 link (already decided to reduce)
      |                 jump (already decided to reduce)
      |                 fork (already decided to reduce)
      |                 anchor

    XHTML List Module

      dl                dl
      dt                dt
      dd                dd
      nl                * (basically makes multilinks possible, very cool)
      name              * (part of nl spec)
      ol                ol
      ul                ul
      li                li

    XHTML Linking Module

      link element      book.xml

      Metainformation Module

       meta             abstract (never used)
       |                authors
       |                person
       |                subtitle (never used)
       |                type     (never used)
       |                version
       |                notice   (never used)

     XHTML Object Module

       object           img
       |                icon   (never used)
       |                figure (never used)

   XHTML Presentation Module

       hr               *
       sub              sub
       sup              sup

    XHTML Tables Module

      caption           caption
      table             table
      tbody             *
      td                td
      th                th
      thead             * (needed, currently misusing caption)
      tfoot             * (needed, currently misusing other tags)
      tr                tr

The subsequent discussion raised the following issues that didn't get 
resolved, so I am rasing them again:

h is not equivalent to title

To summarise the discussion: it was suggested that we should consider 
forcing h to be placed after section (as title currently is), it was 
even suggested that this may happen in a later version of XHTML. Having 
read the relevant secton of the XHTML recomendation this has not happend 
I can say this has not happened.

However, since it is I who brought up the problem with h replacing title 
I feel that I can now say that my issues (they related to numbering of 
sections) can be dealt with with a few changes of the rendering stylesheets.

No equivalent to the author attribute for fixme

(wasn't discussed further)

Structural evaluation

David Crossely said 

"It looks to me like it is not only simple mapping
of tag names. Rather there are some structural changes
that are not yet fully decided nor described via schema/DTD."

This point was never adequately followed up but in the meantime the 
XHTML schema has become much more stable. Is it time to have this 
discussion? Or shall I just get on with it and see how it works out?

I do have over 700 pages of PDF docs generated by Forrest. I suspect I 
can give this whole thing a pretty good testing if you want me to just 
experiment and then report.

It'll take me a while though...


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