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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Forrest customization
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2003 02:02:40 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Dave Brondsema wrote:
> In any case, this is part of what I'm going to do in these days.
> Let me try to summarize and see what you think.
> --- Forrest Customization ----
> ==============================
> Forrest is loosly organized as MVC, where
>  - model      -> 1 content
>  - view       -> 2 style (skins)
>  - controller -> 3 control (sitemaps + xslts)
> I'm trying to make it easy to extend these parts indipendently.
> For each point, here are the extensibility options in increasing 
> difficulty.
> 1) a - locationmap
>    b - @class attribute (thanks Ross :-)
>    c - autodownload of DTDs
> 2) a - color schemes in skinconf.xml
>    b - enhancing CSS
>    c - autodownload of skins
> 3) a - autodownload of xslts
>    b - autodownload of extra sitemaps
> Where the autodownloads of 1 and 3 must be done together in a same 
> package, as they are coupled.

> Let me try and explain them separately.
> 1 - Content configuration
> ===========================
> a) A problem we have now is how to specify where the content is. We 
> cannot easily tell Forrest to download feeds from the web or even get 
> files from two directories. The locationmap will make it easy to tell 
> Forrest where the sources are.
> - status: the locationmap code is done and inclusion is tabled in
>           version 0.7

This is cool. I am doing this at the moment with XInclude (another 
reason for having validation turned off). If Locationmap means I can 
remove my XIncludes I will be very pleased.

I'll try and find time to move one of my smaller courses over to this as 
a test.

> b) By making it possible to use a @class attribuite, content writers can 
> easily add semantics to documents without changing the DTD. The style 
> can be changed down the chain to accomadate for it. In any case if the 
> extra CSS is not there the rendering will not break down but just use a 
> subset of what the semantics can convey.
> - status: go ROSS, go!

OK, as soon as I get the necessary access, which I suspect will be 
longer than usual at this time of year.

> c) To accomodate extra DTDS, we now have to edit the sitemaps. Not good 
> as far as compatibility with future Forrest releases goes. If we make it 
> possible to download DTD packages with corresponding xslts, we can make 
> Forrest use them just by using simple naming convensions (ie the xslt 
> filename is somewhere in the private id of the DTD)
> - status: TBD, assigned to nicolaken

This is something I really want to see working. I would like to make my 
skin available using the autodownload, but it has many xmap 
customisations and extra DTD's so the current skin packaging is not 
sufficient. However, I do believe the skin will provide a good example 
of the extensability of the basic Forrest framework. I volunteer to help 
with this.

> 2 - Style configuration
> ===========================
> a) color schemes in skinconf.xml
> This is what I'm going to do now: make it possible to decide what colors 
> to use in the skin directly in skinconf.xml
> This makes it possible to then use these in the skin without editing 
> CSS, that can easily be skin specific. In this way we can change skin 
> but keep color profile.

Each skin is likely to have a different set of colour areas. For 
example, none of the existing skins have a colour for slides, but mine 
does. does this mean that each custom skin will also need a custom 

Would it not be better to have a separate CSS that just deals with 
colours? We can then simply edit them in place.

> c) autodownload of skins
> - status: DONE, needs testing

I volunteer my skin as a first test, but I need the DTD customisations 
as well. Alternatively we could separate out one of the other skins, for 
example Krysalis (I believe you suggested this when commiting the 
original download code).

> 3 - control configuration
> ===========================
> The extra xslts download is part of the DTD extenstions. As for extra 
> sitemaps, I'm not ready to table it yet, but if someone wants to work on 
> it, Cocoon now has configurable insertions of subsitemaps.

OK, perhaps this is the part of the customisation stuff I should look 
into. I can't really get deep into this for quite a while as I am away 
for a couple of weeks at the start of Jan so if someone else gets 
started before me that's cool. Otherwise I'll pick up mid to late January.


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