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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Allow "role" attribute in document DTD
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2003 17:11:30 GMT
Ivan Kurmanov wrote:
> I'm afraid of being out-of-context on this, but I'll just
> leave my comments.  You decide if they are useful.

Actually it was my use case that was out of context on this one since 
there is already a role attribute in the Link element!

The other problem I have is in identifying content in the XDoc format...

>>Here, we have three links. All of them have a role of "glossary", one 
>>indicates it is part of the intermediate forrest trail, the other is 
>>advanced. A client application can now be built that extracts all 
>>glossary terms from a website (by retrieving the XDoc source), or it 
>>could build a single document for the each of the forrest trails etc.
> If you want to extract all glossary terms from a website, it
> might be better to have all the terms marked-up respectively
> (as some kind of objects), then to extract that info from
> links. ...may be something like:
>   <term id='xdocDTD'>
>     <name>Document v1.2 DTD</name>
>     <description>New version of the DTD for
>     documents... </description>
>   </term>
> Then, if you want, you can render all references to glossary
> terms in some special way, no need to mark that up in every
> occurence of it in the documents--but define a rendering
> rule in match="a[@ref]" template.
> Does that make any sense?

This makes total sense when you have the original source format. My 
thinking has been that this information is lost when it is passed to 
Forrest since the contextual information contained in the <term> 
elements is lost. However, the more I think about/discuss this the more 
I become convinced that, at the XDoc level, this is actually a class not 
a role as Jeff original suggested.

Since XDoc is a format for display purposes we shouldn't be worried 
about contextual information, just as long as it can be displayed 


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