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From Marshall Roch <>
Subject Re: Allow "role" attribute in document DTD
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2003 07:54:37 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> I recall a discussion about moving to XHTML as an intermediate document 
> format rather than the document DTD so the answer to this question may 
> be something bigger than I expect, but I'll take that risk ;-)

Having control over what elements my authors can use is one of the 
features I really like about Forrest, so maybe something like Docbook 
(Simplified?) instead, but (IMHO) certainly not all of XHTML.  But 
that's another thread, if people want to go there...

> In my skin I have turned of validation so that I can add a role 
> attribute to sections.

I had the same problem with the class attribute.  I ended up making a 
custom Document DTD that added this, and will allow me to add any other 
elements that apply to the whole site and don't merit their own specific 
content type (like my iCalendar does).

> This is because some sections get rendered by my 
> skin in a slides view, whilst others are rendered as normal. In a skin 
> without knowledge of these roles the slides get displayed as normal 
> sections.

Isn't that what the doctype declaration is for?  Create a Slide content 
type (with its own DTD that extends Document), so that it will be passed 
to a different XSL stylesheet.

Marshall Roch

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