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From Johan Kok <>
Subject Re: Allow "role" attribute in document DTD
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2003 07:21:32 GMT

Role: could be developer vs user.

Class:  could be class of document, e.g. installation, training, 
reference, source code. Installation could be the same for all, user 
training should be quite different from developer training. User 
training is accessible to both users and developers, while developer 
training is available only to developers. The same would apply to 
references, bug "management". Source code would not be applicable to users.

IMHO Output/delivery format should not be a class. Be it WAP, HTML, PDF, 
Slides or whatever form of delivery, though I like the slides idea as it 
could be very useful, even if it is delivered as html slides. The latter 
will open a whole different "can of worms" (in the positive sense).


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