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From Johan Kok <>
Subject Re: Allow "role" attribute in document DTD
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2003 06:06:18 GMT
Support the idea or roles +1, we have the following scenario:

A number of authors are developing various parts of  the document (or 
let's say 'books'). These are inter-disciplinary people covering 
medical, forensics and the law. The following publishing rules exist:

Online on the web: Anybody can browse the content, page by page.
PDF files can be viewed, but are protected and cannot be saved and the 
content not copied

Private (members):
Have access to a published version of the documents and free use of 
content, including an uinprotected version of PDF files


Currently all authors have full access  to the document. I may change 
towards a contribution based access or a membership class difference.

Authors exist in several levels:
    1. Editor in charge (overall)   -
    1.1 Editor in charge (section, sub-section, sub-sub-section - can go 
down interatively)
    1.2 Associate section authors - specific subsections allocated or 
selected (depending on the Section Editor's choice)
             Check subsections in and out - we're looking at something 
like CVS to control this in the mean-time.

Contributions are logged against any contributer (potential future 
royalty basis).

We are currently publishing on seperate web-sites with different 
configurations and access controls.

Ross Gardler wrote:

> I recall a discussion about moving to XHTML as an intermediate 
> document format rather than the document DTD so the answer to this 
> question may be something bigger than I expect, but I'll take that 
> risk ;-)
> In my skin I have turned of validation so that I can add a role 
> attribute to sections. This is because some sections get rendered by 
> my skin in a slides view, whilst others are rendered as normal. In a 
> skin without knowledge of these roles the slides get displayed as 
> normal sections.
> I also use the role attribute in links to denote glossary entries, 
> cross-references and citations (these get rendered as special links 
> into the relevant pages).
> I think that a role attribute in many elements within the DTD would 
> make sense. I therefore propose that we add it to the Document v2.0a DTD.
> Does anyone have a problem with this, or perhaps an alternative 
> suggestion on how to achieve my goal (XHTML as intermediate format)?
> Ross

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