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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: overriding part of a skin
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 01:59:06 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

> Robert Koberg wrote:
>>There is a point when the child must leave the nest and fly off on their 
>>own. It must be the holiday season.., but I see forrest is to cocoon 
>>like the child is to their mother. At some point interests and needs 
>>diverge. (I am kinda waiting...)
> I am not sure why i waste my time replying to this.
> Does the child cut out its internal organs and leave them
> at the front door of their parent's house?

OK :)

I would say keep your organs, just cut the cord.

But, really what does cocoon do for this project that cannot be handled 
by (relatively) simple transformations?

It is my understanding that forrest is for offline generation of 
(apache) docs (I had thought it was for more). Why do you need the power 
of cocoon for this? Is it the general lack of understanding of XSL? I 
guess that is a valid concern (though not what I would expect here), but 
not an excuse.

Complicating things, like what is done in forrest, does not make things 
simpler, right?  I have spent a good amount of effort into showing how 
easy and powerful a more simple way can be -- check the archives (here 
and in cocoon) about what is possible. I could reiterate... If that is 
what you would like, it will probably have to wait till tomorrow.


> --David

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