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From Marshall Roch <>
Subject Re: Generating Non-HTML File Extensions?
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 21:11:14 GMT
Brian Enigma wrote:
>     What I would really prefer, though, is not to play musical file 
> extensions.  For consistency (as well as for my own personal sense of 
> aesthetics), I would like to generate the static content with a .php 
> file extension.  

There are a lot of debates about this.  Even .html won't last forever. 
The best way to deal with it is to not use extensions at all.

Tim Berners-Lee (creator of HTML and the W3C) wrote something about this 
a few years ago:

and more specifically,

I'm not sure if it's possible with Forrest, but this is something I've 
done successfully with Apache and PHP in the past, and will be trying 
with Forrest in a few days.

If you use Apache as a front-end (i.e. Apache takes the request and 
sends it to Tomcat, which sends it to Forrest), you can use 
mod_negotiation, which allows you to eliminate file extensions altogether.

See the 2nd link above for more info on how it works.

IIRC, all you have to do to turn it on is add "Options +MultiViews" to 
your .htaccess or httpd.conf file.

See also:

Marshall Roch

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