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From Marshall Roch <>
Subject Re: Calendaring
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 05:10:30 GMT
Johan Kok wrote:
> You're a little ahead of me, as I am also interested in a calendar 
> application(s), but in two very different forms. One in the classic 
> form displaying days in a month and the other in a timeline format. 
> The former is higher on the priority list, with a number of different
>  output formats. The initial application is for sports events.

Right now, all I need is for it to list the events in order by date,
separated into months (which i think is what you refer to as a
timeline).  Eventually, it would be cool to generate it in a table
format for the current month, but that can't happen until it at least
can list the events.

What are you looking for for output formats?  I'm thinking about the
plain list, month view as a table, iCalendar, and RSS.  Once it's
parsed, it shouldn't be hard to make these different formats.

By making the iCalendar file public, anyone using Mozilla, iCal,
Evolution, Outlook, Palm Desktop, or any of a bunch of other
iCalendar-aware programs can "subscribe" to the calendar and have your
calendar events automatically added to their calendars.

> How and where do you intend to store the calendar information?

I will most likely keep it all in the .ics (iCalendar) file that Mozilla
and iCal create.  If you make that file accessible through WebDAV, you
can make changes right in Mozilla or iCal and it will automatically be
uploaded to the site, which leads to your next question.

> Do you intend to use staticly published pages, or dynamically 
> generated pages? The latter would imply doing a seperate cocoon 
> sitemap which may be called from the static forrest pages.

I don't know Cocoon well enough to know how hard it will be to do it
dynamically, but having both would be nice.  If it's dynamic, changes to
the calendar in your program will be reflected on the site immmediately,
which I think is cool.

Marshall Roch

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