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From Marshall Roch <>
Subject Calendaring
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 01:05:25 GMT
I need to have a calendar of events on the site I'm building.  I'd also 
like the people who maintain the calendar to also update the website. 
They use Mozilla Calendar or Apple iCal, both of which can export 
iCalendar files to the file system, FTP, or webdav.

iCalendar files are textual[1], so to use them in Forrest, some sort of 
transformation to XML will be needed.  I'd love to be able to do the 
whole thing in Forrest, but I have no idea how to transform non-XML 
files.  There is an XML-ized version of iCalendar called xCal, and one 
in RDF, so if the iCal file can be converted to either of those, I can 
handle the rest in Forrest.

An option is to use a 3rd-party program like PHP iCalendar, which will 
parse the iCalendar file per-request and generate an RSS feed, but I'd 
really rather not do that.

If there is a way to do this, or anything else you can think of that 
might get me started, please let me know.

Marshall Roch

[1] See for a bunch of examples.

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