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From Ivan Kurmanov <>
Subject Re: XHTML compliance
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 14:35:43 GMT
On 03-12-16, Marshall Roch wrote:

> >So we were deliberately not doing the XHTML by default.
> >Also there is the issue of compatibility with older browsers (which
> >has been thrashed out on this list). So the big question is probably
> >"What should be the default".
> I don't want to restart discussions that have already been had, but it 
> was my understanding of XHTML 1.0 that it is backwards-compatible with 
> old browsers, and that CSS is what starts having some problems with any 
> browser 4.0 or older.  Old browsers, however, will still get the 
> unstyled text instead of completely breaking.

Here is a nice essay on XHTML practical value.  Including
arguments against using XHTML:

Also when talking about HTML 4.01 complience, would be nice
to be specific: which HTML 4.01 DTD you mean (there are 4 of
them).  I guess it is HTML 4.01 Transitional, but Strict
would make me happier.  No font tags, at least.

Ivan Kurmanov

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