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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Document last modified
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 04:06:12 GMT
Quoting Marshall Roch <>:

> I'd like to have a <last-modified /> tag in the header of my xdocs (or 
> something functionally equivalent), which could contain the CVS Date 
> tag, or a manually-updated date for people not using CVS.  This should 
> all be server-side so as to not rely on Javascript or the users' 
> system's date.
> Another issue with constantly rebuilding the site is the Last-Modified 
> header.  A lot of cache servers use something called "conditional GET," 
> where they ask Apache whether the Last-Modified and ETag headers are 
> still what they remember.  If they are different, the cache is updated. 
>   The majority of my pages will not change much.  When the Last-Modified 
> header changes all the time, the page does not stay cached for long 
> periods of time.  This problem might relate to FOR-19.
> Hopefully this isn't /too/ hard to pull off... :)

Neither javascript nor Last-Modified headers should be used to achieve this. 
Both rely on the environment of the website (browser, server) behaving
appropriately.  The date should be placed directly into the document (random
thought: potential unnecessary 'diff' results?).

Two options come to mind:

1.  The HOWTO DTD supports a last-modified-content-date element in the header. 
We could put this in the document DTD also.  v20 perhaps?  As a tangent, what's
the status on that?

2.  Skins could put the current date into the page when forrest is run.

In #1, the date corresponds the document content.  In #2, the date corresponds
to the end result seen by the user (theoretically like the javascript does now).
 #2 would be more direct to implement because it wouldn't require any changes to
DTDs or documents that want to take advantage of this.

> p.s. I'm shooting to launch my Forrest-powered redesign by Jan 1.  If 
> you want to check it out early, see 
>  Browser tests/bug reports are 
> appreciated.

Looks pretty nice.  Planning on making the skin available?  It's a nice one.

Dave Brondsema - personal - programming - student org 

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