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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Document last modified
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 04:03:17 GMT
Marshall Roch wrote:
> I finally got forrestbot2 working (so cool!),

Excellent news.

> so I will probably set it 
> up to rebuild the site every 6 to 12 hours.  This will mean that the 
> last modified time in the HTTP headers and at the bottom of the HTML 
> will always be within 6 hours.
> I'd like to have a <last-modified /> tag in the header of my xdocs (or 
> something functionally equivalent), which could contain the CVS Date 
> tag, or a manually-updated date for people not using CVS.  This should 
> all be server-side so as to not rely on Javascript or the users' 
> system's date.

The document-v12 DTD has an optional <version> tag in the header,
which might be used for this purpose. See xdocs/linking.xml
for one example (except that you want the CVS $Date$).
It is rendered at the bottom-right.

I hope that someone else will help with the rest of your issue.

BTW, i get a Timeout from your development site below.


> Another issue with constantly rebuilding the site is the Last-Modified 
> header.  A lot of cache servers use something called "conditional GET," 
> where they ask Apache whether the Last-Modified and ETag headers are 
> still what they remember.  If they are different, the cache is updated. 
>   The majority of my pages will not change much.  When the Last-Modified 
> header changes all the time, the page does not stay cached for long 
> periods of time.  This problem might relate to FOR-19.
> Hopefully this isn't /too/ hard to pull off... :)
> --
> Marshall Roch
> p.s. I'm shooting to launch my Forrest-powered redesign by Jan 1.  If 
> you want to check it out early, see 
>  Browser tests/bug reports are 
> appreciated.

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