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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: XHTML compliance
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 07:16:30 GMT
Marshall Roch wrote:
> I made a couple of changes and got my custom skin to validate as XHTML 
> 1.0 Strict!  Nothing too major, but the default skins will still need 
> some tweaking.  I only modified the things that got imported into my 
> skin or were part of Forrest and not a specific skin (e.g. sitemap.xmap).
> See the patch I attached at 


IIRC forrest-dev decided to start off with trying to get compliant
HTML first. So we were deliberately not doing the XHTML by default.
Also there is the issue of compatibility with older browsers (which
has been thrashed out on this list). So the big question is probably
"What should be the default".

If the default does remain as HTML then we could simply add an FAQ
to explain how to get XHTML instead. It should be just a matter of
changing the serializer in sitemap.xmap. (Yes, i know that you have
found some other issues which must be fixed whatever happens.)

> I'd appreciate it if people could test this out, both so Forrest can 
> output clean XHTML, and so I can identify and fix any other errors that 
> might crop up if one of my content editors does something unusual.

No time to test at the moment, but i had a quick look at your patch.
A few comments ...

We have been trying to get everything that should be done with CSS
into the associated skin/page.css rather than in the HTML code.
Perhaps we should switch to the "forrest-css" skin to expedite this.

Why do you need to hard-code the mime type? Doesn't the serializer
add that?

What is the mime type for XHTML? Eeek, i thought that this would be
a big issue, but when i Googled for an answer i became more horrified.

Thanks for starting to address this issue. Forrest definitely needs to
be compliant with both HTML and XHTML, whatever each developer chooses.


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