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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Forrest-bot and Gump engine
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 00:05:09 GMT
Quoting "Adam R. B. Jack" <>:

> I wondered if there is a way to collaborate. Gump is objectified in Python
> now, and has a core engine that might be re-usable for Forrest-bot. Gump
> checks code out of SCMs (CVS/SVN, for now) and orchestrates scripts or ant
> runs, traps errors/timeouts, etc. This seems what forrest-bot needs to do
> also, and I'd hate to under-utilise our investment when we could help you
> avoid duplication.
> 1) Folks could update their site as part of their Gump build, but that seems
> to be overloading the Gump process w/ clutter not meant there. That said,
> there is nothing to stop us having a workspace/profile simple for this.
> 2) Nothing stops us from writing a simple ForrestBot flavour of Gump that
> uses the standard workspace, but only "works on" projects with XML
> attributes for forrest documentation. If would do it's normal checkout from
> SCM, check if anything changed, build classpaths (if needed), launch
> ant/script to do work. [I think the 'new' forrest-bot is Ant 1.6 based w/
> includes, so maybe something could be done here.]
> 3) We could Gump the forrest base (build from scratch) and then the
> documentation, so it is always the latest from CVS of all things.

The new forrestbot is really just a handful of ant buildfiles that are used in
conjunction with the main forrest ant buildfile.  Ant tasks seem to suffice for
what forrestbot will do; and it works nicely with our existing forrest ant

I think to truly take advantage of Gump, we would have to convert our main ant
buildfile to a python script instead.  I don't think we want to do that. 
However, it might be nice to have hooks in gump to trigger a forrest build.

> BTW: There are thoughts of writing a Gump web app  (Python) that could be
> used to be interactive (please do X for me now). This isn't written yet, but
> a Python webapp interface into these objects has to be a snap. If you don't
> have something (and are building from scratch), maybe we could collaborate
> there also.

Here I can see more potential for collaboration; especially since it would not
require finding commonalities between to existing projects.  We have a webapp
(JSPs) for the original forrestbot.  I have updated and enhanced it for the new
forrestbot but still need to do some work on it.  A webapp for gump or forrest
would execute a certain command and let the user view the progress of the
results.  The only differences I see now is that the command and output files
would be different.

> The Gump website will be updated to reflect Python Gump (once forrestbot
> puts it there. :-)

So I can see Python Gump documentation by running forrest against the python
project, right?  When I have time I will set up python gump to get a better
understanding of how it works so we can work together best.

At the company I work for, we have a gump-like integration build tool; and will
use forrestbot to build these projects' documentation.  We haven't linked these
two together yet, but as we do so, I will probably get ideas for doing so with
gump and forrest.

Dave Brondsema - personal - programming - student org 

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