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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Enabling src editing *AND* deployable WARs
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 22:42:37 GMT
Quoting Ross Gardler <>:

> I have identified a solution to the problem of being unable to deploy 
> war files 
> (
> However, there is a problem with the solution on Windows platforms..

> In order to create the symlinks I use the <symlink...> task of ANT 1.6 
> beta (the one included in Forrest). However, this task only works on 
> platforms where "ln -s" is a valid command. That is, it won't work on 
> Windows.(unless you have Cygwin)

It might be better to not use symlinks to solve this problem since there is no
good equivalent in windows.  I don't know the details of your fix (or the
original problem even), but maybe using a new property or condition could work

> Does anyone know how to fix the SYMLINK task so it works for WIndows? (I 
> suppose I should be asking over on ANT, but I am not subscribed and 
> don't have the time to get involved over there).

Even making the symlink task create windows "shortcuts" would not be enough
because Java (all normal windows applications, in fact) cannot follow shortcuts
like programs in *nix can follow symbolic links.

Dave Brondsema - personal - programming - student org 

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