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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject RE: Openoffice and document-v12
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:57:09 GMT
(resend because I hit the send button too early before)

From: [] 

> Without working with OO I appreciate the idea of using OO as a widely
> used "Forrest-Editor" :-) 

> > The last days I wrote a stylesheet for openoffice2forrest
> > conversion in 
> > order to use it as XML-Filter in OpenOffice. Now I reached the point

> > that I have to write the forrest2openoffice stylesheet in
> > order to have 
> > roundtrip-editing capabilities. 

> Will you contribute your results (to OO/Forrest)?


> > Against Openoffice as source format:
> > ------------------------------------ 
> >  - only editable within Openoffice 
> only if you donĀ“t want to open the "zip" and edit the xml file ...

exactly (that's much to complicated, especially if somebody else who is
not familiar with all those things) should do it

> >  - Openoffice files are binaries because they are zipped 
> >    and this is definitly a problem for e.g. CVS 
> >    because no diffs are possible
> Maybe the Common-VFS could help.
> Because the content of that archive (just read about that) it should
be possible 
> to write a diff tool:
> - unzip the content 
> - make diff of each file 
> - zip the diffs 
> ... just an idea 

Sounds interesting but that's not the way I want to go ;-) 
(although it sounds interessting)

> > Finally an RT on this:
> > What about having a "pass-by"-XML-Filter in Openoffice that saves
> > required information in one XML file. This would make it easy to
> > files with an XML-Editor and versioning systems like CVS can
> > make diffs 
> > again. 

> Having OO-files in the src-dir for Forrest-Generation has the
> disadvantage that not all skins can handle them. 
> But yesterday a thread started about seperating the layout (skin) 
> and the handling of custom content (no-name-yet, via conversion to 
> forrest-documents). 

If I use the oo2forrest stylesheet I can procude the intermediate format
and then the skins should work, shouldn't they?. 
This only means that some infos get lost but this is mainly styling and
meta information. The only problem I've found yet is nested tables ...


P.S. Jan, could you please send text mails. Thanks.

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