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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject Openoffice and document-v12
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:13:06 GMT

The last days I wrote a stylesheet for openoffice2forrest conversion in
order to use it as XML-Filter in OpenOffice. Now I reached the point
that I have to write the forrest2openoffice stylesheet in order to have
roundtrip-editing capabilities. 

After starting this I've begun thinking if I'm on the right track or
whether it is better to have Openoffice files in my Forrest repository.
These Openoffice files could be transformed into the documentv12 format
by adding another source format (.sxw) in forrest.xmap.

Pro Openoffice as source format:
 - no restrictions for doc authors because of
   missing elements in documentv12
 - no "strange" dialog windows in Openoffice
   because of possible loss of content or style
 - documentv12 contains information in the header
   that can't be mapped to Openoffice files
   Does anybody know how I can deal with this?
 - if Openoffice is your standard text editor
   authors don't have to change their habits

Against Openoffice as source format:
 - only editable within Openoffice
 - Openoffice files are binaries because they are zipped
   and this is definitly a problem for e.g. CVS 
   because no diffs are possible
 - Is there an advantage compared to Mozilla composer
   files which are already supported IIRC?

Finally an RT on this:
What about having a "pass-by"-XML-Filter in Openoffice that saves all
required information in one XML file. This would make it easy to edit
files with an XML-Editor and versioning systems like CVS can make diffs

What do you think?


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