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From Richard Cao <>
Subject using the label from site.xml in links
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 20:56:58 GMT


I'm currently trying to convert the Xalan site
( from stylebook to forrest, but
am running into some problems. (I'm a first time forrest user, so please
bear with me)

There currently is a resource linking mechanism, in which we have a
resource.xml file which contains something like:

  <resource id="xslt4j"
            title="XalanJ Homepage"

In the documents, if we have  <resource-ref idref="xml4j"/>, that will get
converted to <a href="">Xalan J Homepage</a>

I'm trying to find a way to do this in forrest, but the best I've come up
with is using indirect linking.

In site.xml
<xml4j label="XalanJ Homepage" href=""/>

and in the documents, using <link href="site:xml4j">XalanJ Homepage</link>.
I've read that ext: and external-refs do the same thing without the link
appearing in the menu, but haven't tried it out. But regardless, using the
above is close, but I'd rather have the link names in a centralized
location. Is there some way to use the label attribute from site.xml to
specify the link name? Or is there some other feature of forrest which I am
not aware of?

Thanks in advance for the help,

Richard Cao
XSLT Development, Toronto IBM Lab
(905) 413-2454 T/L 969-2454

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