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From Erik Ackerman <>
Subject Re: Change Bars
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 01:30:09 GMT
	Sorry, I didn't mean to be vague.
	A "change bar" is a vertical line, typically in the left margin, used 
to indicate passages in a document that have changed from one version 
to the next.  They normally are only indicative of changes between 
adjacent version, and so they do not accumulate over time.
	A "rip" is a different format of a document.  We (Forrest users) write 
things that conform to the document DTD, but we publish them in HTML 
and PDF formats.  The process of converting from one to the other is 
often referred to as a "rip."
	If that is still not clear, please let me know.  I know that I have a 
tendency to under-explain.


On Nov 10, 2003, at 8:17 PM, David Crossley wrote:

> Erik Ackerman wrote:
>> I have a request from an internal user to implement change bars in the
>> html and pdf rips of their documentation.
> Would you please explain your use case. Also, what is a "change bar"
> and what is a "rip"? Sorry, i have never seen these terms.
> --David
>> I thought I would see if
>> there was widespread interest in the feature before I got too involved
>> in it.  If there is interest, I will try to do it in a way that can be
>> implemented within the cvs tree.
>> Erik Ackerman

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