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From Marshall Roch <>
Subject Re: Flat navigation
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 18:45:14 GMT
Jason End wrote:
> For flat links, just put the inside a single "subtag"
> of <site>...</site>. Subdirs are only created if you
> nest more than one set of tagged entries within
> another. 

Right, but if I want to use subdirectories without having them in the 
nav until you click on their folder, how would I do that?

I seem to have solved this with book.xml, but if it's possible to do 
automatically w/ the XSL, that'd be great.  If not, it's not a huge 
show-stopper anymore.

Sorry if this is still confusing... makes me think that if I can't 
explain it well, my users probably can't figure it out either, which 
isn't a good thing. :)

Using Samples as an example again, let's say that on 
/samples/index.html, I have the following (inside parenthesis = link 

- Apache document (/samples/apache.html)
- Static content (/samples/static.html)
- Wiki page (/samples/wiki.html)
- Subdir (/samples/subdir/index.html)

Then you click on "Subdir" and the navigation changes to:

- Sub page 1 (/samples/subdir/subpage1.html)
- Sub page 2 (/samples/subdir/subpage2.html)
- Sub subdir (/samples/subdir/subsubdir/index.html)
- Sub page 3 (/samples/subdir/subpage3.html)

The default Forrest navigation makes nested lists with the 
subdirectories and their contents.  I want to turn off the "contents" 
part so it just makes links to the directories.

Marshall Roch

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