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From Christian Geisert <>
Subject Re: some newbie questions
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 14:44:24 GMT
Oliver Vecernik wrote:
> Christian Geisert schrieb:


>> For the PDF see
>> (it seems c-caron is not part of ISO Latin1)
> I'm no font expert, but as far as I know it is part of ISO Latin2. But 
> I've rendered it already correctly from other programs and if I look at 
> the PDF spec (V1.3) the caron should be at 031 (octal). But it is also 

You need a c-caron, caron is not enough ;-)
And c-caron is not part of the standard PDF fonts. So you need to use 
(and embed) a custom font for the PDF.

> renderd to a `?' in the trail altough it is rendered correctly just the 
> line under the trail. That's why I was asking if this is a bug.

The problem with the trail sounds like a bug (and is very likely not 
related to the PDF problem). How does the html source for the c-caron 
look like?


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